Posted Date: Wednesday 25th of April 2018 11:50:39 AM

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park

This place implies its name perfectly, as a place for family leisure with lots of bamboo decorations. Entering the gate, visitors are already welcomed with huge bamboo decorations and small area of paddy rice field. Bandung mountain breeze failed to make me feel that we’re doing research on Bandung’s culinary spots instead of it feels like holiday.

Visitor must pay Rp15.000 for entrance ticket and not allowed to bring foods and drinks inside. The carnival cars line up ready only to take you just up to the front of Café Burangrang then you must continuing to take a walk if you want to explore all areas.

Dusun Bambu easily becomes a magnet for the urban family around Bandung especially Jakarta who feel uprooted from the nature. Most of the thing that they offered is food with scenery and of course there is more than one restaurant here. Others are archery, camping, going around artificial lake with duck boat and of course selfie. They even promote four happy rules when visiting Dusun Bambu; eat, selfie, enjoy and share on social media.

Basically the scenery and ambience that makes people want to visit this place again. It feels just like the cozy room that you’ve always wanted for, the garden that you’ve always wished for your kids and comfortable camping tent that you hoped. So, it’s being in the nature without having to deal with the consequences. But hey that’s the best we can do when the development of big city gets rough and dull.

I don’t have a chance to spend the night so maybe next time Eagle Camp Sayang Heulang and Kampung Layung are worth to try. For me, surely this place is a must visit in Lembang, Bandung.

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