Posted Date: Wednesday 25th of April 2018 11:49:05 AM

When the Drizzle Painting Seruni Beach

There are walkers who feel that a trip to the beach should be done on a sunny day. Others feel that the shift of light to dark, as opposed, is the most sublime moment. Then how is when the drizzle pouring downs the earth? When the clouds like to shed tears because too overwhelmed with grief? I certainly do not mind

The beach, whatever the weather, has a unique way to captivate. When spatter teases uncovered heads, floating in a raised hand, it's really special. The exploration to the beach when the rain comes bring new memories.

So, when I arrived in Yogyakarta, me and the Explore Indonesia 2 team immediately drove to Gunungkidul Regency which is about fifty kilometers. Gunungkidul is well known for its unique coastline, each with its charms. However, when I heard the name of Seruni Beach from the team of, our destination that afternoon, I do not know much.

Seruni beach is located in Tepus Village, Tepus Sub-district, Gunungkidul Regency-the easternmost of the coastline in Gunungkidul. It is not as popular as Indrayanti Beach, which looks crowded a few miles before. Nor is he considered to be as beautiful as the Pok Tunggal, which is side by side with him.

"Go to Pok Tunggal, the beach is more beautiful," cried a father from behind his small shop when we arrived at the crossroads of trails filled with teak trees and wild strawberries.

Drizzle began to collapse at that time, and we continue the journey to Seruni Beach. Turn left, following the direction of a makeshift guide. The ground began to wet the soles of my shoes, I walked zigzag so as not to slip. Apparently, my poor friend Salman fell down.

Until arriving at the end of the road, Seruni Beach and the cliff loomed as welcoming our field of arrival. On the left side, there is a cliff that reminds me of the cliffs at Nusa Penida and Sumba. The waves creaking reminded me of Dreamland Beach. Ah, I am too easy to compare.

In fact, Seruni Beach, viewed from any direction, has a charm that is not the same. On the left side, I saw a not-too-wide beach crack, a stall hut standing there, as well as a simple bathroom. Meanwhile, on the right side, stretches of longer white sand. I chose to go there.

Down the sand this time wet also by drizzle was very pleasant. No one is seen. Steps are heavy, but the heart is so light. I did not escape watching the waves chase, the towering cliffs full of mystery, and watched the fishermen's nets hanging on the branches of pandanus trees. In the distance, several figures arise from behind the water. I looked up to the sky, drizzle had painted Seruni Beach with the sweetness of the afternoon.

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